“The name is a portent”
“The name is a portent”

Having a surname like I do – Room – It seems like I had a predisposition to become a hostess of a B&B. 

In 2011, my dream became true. Together with my husband Dirk, we took a drastic decision to sell our house on the outskirts of Ypres and to buy a stately town house in the center of Ypres.

Together with our four children – Hermien, Elie, Ilona and Laura – we form a solid team. From the start everybody was in favour of the idea/adventure. Not in the least our teenagers Ilona and Laura, who thus came to live a lot closer to school and especially the center of town. When you see Ilona, you see Laura and vice versa. Don’t get confused: as identical twins, they are each other’s mirror image.

Rather than a task, we see it as an adventure. Spoiling others is simply a satisfying activity. Not just a detached service, but the added value of a warm family nest.

Wherever we can, we're happy to assist you in exploring and experiencing our city or region. We will welcome you as honored guests at @Room's!

Rooms available bij Nancy
Room in @Room’s !